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This documentary is mind blowing. It exposes some of the truths that the agriculture industry doesn’t want anyone to know about. The film maker realized that his life could be in danger if he kept on exposing the deep dark secrets of big agriculture business, so he ultimately decided to end his project early. This is a must watch!

The Secret

The Secret is a wonderful documentary and it helped me break the old paradigm that was given to me by my parents. It covers one degree of living a fulfilling life. When you watch it, just remember that it’s just skimming the surface of what it takes to allow wealth and happiness to flow into your life. This documentary is perfect for those who are still trying to find a way to break out of their old paradigm. The Secret does a good job with not overcomplicating things.


This was a moving documentary about the last Mountain Gorillas on our planet. Human greed and corruption is destroying the natural habitat of the Mountain Gorillas and this documentary gives you the inside scoop on the situation in the Congo. It’s a moving film and really displays how some people value money more than they value Mother Earth.

Forks Over Knives

This is a great film that addresses the health benefits of eating a plant based diet. This film is great for expanding your awareness. After watching this film, you will begin to see the misinformation about food for what it is. You don’t have to change your diet after watching this film, but at least you’ll be more knowledgeable and able to make educated choices.


Blackfish tells the story of the great orca whales that are held in captivity at SeaWorld. Since most animals don’t speak English, humans pretend that they aren’t sentient beings. This documentary shows how the orca whales have had their families torn apart and their lives ruined, all in the name of profit. You will learn how incredibly intelligent and family oriented orca whales are.


What really makes us happy? This is a pretty cool documentary looks into that very question. They take you around the world to look at what makes different families in different cultures happy. Since you’re on my site, I’m pretty sure you know that it isn’t money. Money helps, but this documentary attempts to uncover what brings us joy on a deeper level.

Poverty, Inc.

Awesome documentary that will have you thinking twice before donating to any old charity. Although you may be trying to help, often times your dollar may be doing more harm than good. Watch this documentary before you make your next charitable commitment. You’ll be glad you did.

Girl Rising

This documentary is moving. It shows you how so many young girls around the world are treated like they are less than human. A lot of them end up dying in their teenage years. The ones who survive are treated as property and sold to whomever. The lucky ones get to go to school and have a chance at a better life. This is just sad. These girls need our help.