I’ve identified several critical issues in education today that you need to think about before sending your kids to typical schools. It wasn’t long ago that I went through the school system. I graduated college in 2013 with a degree in computer science and a 3.72 GPA.

School rubbed me the wrong way the whole time, but I was weak and conformed. I knew it wasn’t teaching me anything useful for life outside the system, but in my family, there was a lot of pressure to go to school and perform well. After liberating my mind and seeking education outside of school, I’m able to see our school system for what it truly is.

forcing things on peopleEducation is mandatory until you are 16 years of age. Why is this so? If our education system is so good, why is it being forced upon us? The government does not force things on you for your own good. Whenever the government mandates anything, it’s not too hard to see who benefits from the mandate. I’m not going to tell you who benefits from our school system, but if you’re ready for it you’ll be able to figure it out.

Sovereign Being or Nah?

First, let’s analyze how our system is set up. You’re born to your wonderful parents. You are a sovereign being and your parents are teaching you the necessary skills needed to survive on earth. They treat you like a sovereign being and allow you to develop at your own pace.

Then you turn 5. Now all of the sudden you lose your sovereignty. You are forced to go to school. You don’t have much say in the matter. At age 5, you are still in touch with your intuitive nature and you know school is bad for your development.

You kick, scream, and tell your parents you don’t want to go to school. You cling on to their legs and try your hardest not to have to go. They dismiss your efforts because it’s normal for kids to act like that when being forced into the school system. They probably acted the same way when they were kids. Inevitably, your parents end up sending you off to school.

If your parents aren’t rich, then you will be going to the local public school or possibly a cheap private school. Either way, it’s looking pretty grim for you. If your parents do not send you to school, they will go to jail and you will become the state’s property or maybe get adopted by a relative if you’re lucky.


mental conditioningWhy are they so hell bent on making you go to school? Surely humanity was doing just fine before our school system was invented. Well, let’s take a look at our school system and see if we can figure it out.

Most kids start school around age 4 and graduate high school around 18. The school system has you for 14 years, 12 of which are mandatory. For 14 years they make you sit in a classroom for 8 hours a day. They make you sit still and punish you if you don’t. They make you speak and answer questions on command. They make you memorize tons of pointless “facts.” They teach you their version of history and downplay the atrocities committed by the US.

They feed you food that has pesticides and low nutritional value. They tell you you’re smart if you can regurgitate the useless information they force down your throat. If you don’t care about what they are forcing on you, you get labeled as “slow.” If you act in any way that they don’t like, they slap a label on you and punish you. School is more about conditioning your mind and encouraging conformity than it is about education.

What You Really Learn In School

Once you are done with high school, what did you really learn? Are you able to be a productive member of society? Do you know how to earn a living, get a house or apartment, live a healthy & fulfilling life, or how to maintain and build great relationships? Did you learn how to think for yourself or just how to be blindly obedient to “authority?”

You did learn how to sit still for eight hours, blind obedience, submission, rote memorization, eat terrible foods, and how to do mundane tasks.

By the time you graduated high school, your mind was conditioned. You were not conditioned to live a fulfilling life. You were not conditioned to obtain optimal health. You were not taught practical and useful things. You weren’t even taught how to truly learn something.

So what were you conditioned for? Well, is there anything else that requires you to sit for eight hours, do mundane tasks, and blindly obey “authority?” I think you get the picture, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Lessons From School

The effect school has on your mind is catastrophic. You are taught terrible lessons all the way through school. You are taught that you are not enough. That you need someone else to say you are good in order to feel good.

You are taught that your worth is dictated by how well you can answer questions that a group of people just made up. If you do not answer enough of them correctly, you are a failure. You have flunked and have to repeat that level of conditioning again.

school conformityYou’re taught that if you don’t conform to the ideas of the establishment, then you’re not going to amount to much of anything. School conditions you to be approval seeking. When the teacher gives you a sticker, you feel good about yourself. When the teacher puts red marks on your paper, you feel bad about yourself.

If you conform the most, they use you as an example. They give you golden stars and encourage everyone else to conform in the same ways you did.

They tell you that if you do good in school, you’ll go on to get a good secure job and have a nice retirement. They are teaching you competition and scarcity mindsets. They make jobs sound scarce. If you do better than most others in school, they tell you you’ll have a better chance at getting a job.

Now you’re in a scarcity mentality & you’re trying to compete. You become a suitor, trying to impress people and prove your worth to a potential employer. You’re in a position of subservience.

Instead of saying, “This is me. I’m unique and here’s what I bring to the table,” school teaches you to think, “How can I conform to fit the job description. How can I tell this employer what they want to hear better than everyone else?”

School teaches you that you need to get good grades to get a good job. You need a good job to make decent money. You need money to live a good life and be able to retire. What they don’t tell you is, a job is the worst way to make money. If you trade your time for money, you cap yourself.

Trading something of value for money or providing a service for money is a far more lucrative and fulfilling route. They have you thinking a job is the only option and everyone who doesn’t work a job is an exception and got lucky.

Mental Slavery

Mental SlaveryThe phrase, “school’s for fools” has a bit of truth to it. To figure out what the true purpose of school really is, just look at who benefits from schools spitting out millions of people who haven’t learned to think for themselves. Millions of people who think they need a job to survive. Millions of people who don’t know how our monetary system works. Millions of people with no life skills and practical knowledge. Millions of people whose minds have been conditioned for so long, they no longer control their own minds.