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Author: Brad

Critical Issues In Education

I’ve identified several critical issues in education today that you need to think about before sending your kids to typical schools. It wasn’t long ago that I went through the school system. I graduated college in 2013 with a degree in computer science and a 3.72 GPA. School rubbed me the wrong way the whole time, but I was weak and conformed. I knew it wasn’t teaching me anything useful for life outside the system, but in my family, there was a lot of pressure to go to school and perform well. After liberating my mind and seeking education...

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How To Stay Broke And Poor

I am going to tell you how to stay broke and poor for the rest of your life. Poverty is a dis-ease that affects billions of people worldwide. I lived most of my life in poverty which is why I’m qualified to tell you how you can stay or become poor. First, let’s define poverty. My simplified definition of poverty is, “A mental state of perpetual lack.” The keyword here is “mental.” Poverty is a mental condition. In Western society, where the focus is always on the symptom, poverty seems to be a lack of money. Not having enough money to...

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Breaking Social Norms Is Key

Breaking social norms is a prerequisite to being great. It’s not an easy thing to do when all of your friends and loved ones are happily following the crowd. It helps to have a friend or significant other to buck the trend with you. You’ll feel lonely at first, but people will start to gravitate towards you when they see your quality of life skyrocket. The Mob The problem with living by social norms is, being normal is one of the worst things you could be if you want to live a fulfilling life. To state it nicely, a...

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