Do you know the difference between spirituality and religion? As more and more people start to become spiritual and drop their parents’ religion, it’s good to know about how people are living on the other side. Let me explain…



  1. Teaches you are born imperfect and have to follow a man-made system to redeem yourself.
  1. You are born whole and perfect. You can learn to connect to divinity and harness your gifts.

2. If you don’t follow the man-made system, you are punished in the afterlife (hell, Jahannam, animal reincarnation, etc).

2. After earthly death, all souls return home to the fifth dimension.

3. Paved path that you can follow to get the after death reward.

3. No preplanned path. Always evolving based on your (hopefully increasing) awareness of your direct connection with Source.

4. You experience your church’s version of God which often includes hateful acts and fear tactics. Often leads to people thinking God is punishing them or testing them. Encouraged to fear God.

4. You can connect and experience Divinity directly. No intermediate organization is needed. You can converse with Source directly. The Divine is pure love and doesn’t use fear to get you to submit.

5. Have to follow a plethora of rules that are not in the holy scriptures, because the church said so (can’t live together before marriage, etc).

5. No external organization to make up rules to follow.

6. Religion does not teach about universal laws. It teaches you that God will intervene in your life and perform miracles based on how well you follow the rules of the denomination and how hard you pray.

6. Spirituality teaches that there are universal laws. There is no divine intervention or miracles. Everything happens according to universal laws (think gravity but applied to every aspect of life).

7. Religion is about following a set of rules as best as possible.

7. Spirituality is about raising and cultivating your consciousness.

8. Religion is fear based.

8. Spirituality is love based.

9. Religion teaches individuality and separateness. We are all separate and certain people go to a good place or a bad place based on their individual actions.

9. Spirituality teaches connectedness. We are all connected through Universal Consciousness. We’re all fractals of All That Is.

10. Religion is a get out of jail free card (some but not all). You can live the most wretched life, but as long as you repent, you are saved.

10. There are no shortcuts in spirituality. You can only raise your conscious awareness by following your spiritual path.

Spirituality is harder to categorize, so I took some of the commonalities between a lot of spiritual practices. Generally, it involves connecting to Source and raising your consciousness.

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